Hey Rolf,  

It's R. E. from Glenforest and I just wanted to thank you very much for giving me the chance to attend this years Camp Enterprise, it was truly a life changing experience and I will never forget the friendships I made and the knowledge I gained from it all. I really enjoyed all the presenters that came to speak to us about business and the future, each and every one of them had a different approach when it came to getting their point across and that's what made them so interesting; some used visuals, others used their sense of humour, and almost all of them had us do some sort of activity. I learned so much each and every day, and it really opened my eyes to a lot of new things that I didn't know before. I enjoyed every single second of Camp Enterprise, and even though I would like to help you improve the camp by giving you suggests I can't think of any problems I had. The 3 days were truly amazing , and I wish it lasted longer; everything ran smoothly, the schedule was very well organized, the food was delicious, and the rooms we stayed in were comforting. I appreciated every day of it, and I'm so thankful for getting to participate in such a wonderful organization. I didn't know much about the Rotary Club before, but as I got to learn more about it I grown to love what it stood for and the people that represented it. Now I'll be able to take the knowledge that I've gained and use itto teach those that are not familiar with Rotary, I believe that more students should know about the amazing things the club does in our community and around the world. Once again I would like to thank you greatly for giving me the chance to participate in Camp Enterprise, and my only wish is that for more students with a passion for business like me get to experience the same thing.

Hi Jan: I just wanted to express our thanks for a terrific program that the Rotary Clubs of Mississauga ran. Our son has always done well at school but at 16 didn't really know what he wanted to study after  high school. He seems interested in Business and the Entrepreneurial stream in his business courses. The Camp was just what we hoped for him as he came back enthused and energized to follow this path. He can't stop talking about it and more importantly asking  questions about various fields which he may go into. I think he finally is starting to see a practical application for the things he has been studying which makes a huge difference.
Thanks again as Camp Enterprise  was a real turning point for our son.


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